Starting with Rules - DSL or NGRE

Im running OpenHab 2.5 , in docker on a Lubuntu machine. Ive gone ahead and set up all my things and want to set up 3 rules

One rule ( for two water sensors ) to notify me if there is a water leak
One rule to simulate presence after sunset.

Im confused where to start with them – should I write them in the old java style or go the python route, so when OH3 comes out Ill be in good shape to migrate. Any guidance would be appreciated

Most will advise you to go this route:

Rules DSL is easier for those that have no programming experience but the above link will be the future.

awesome thanks

Your welcome.

Now, would you mind teaching me how to program so I can move from rules DSL? :laughing:


Not a problem, Im familiar with python so I was excited to hear about it coming, now if I can set it up without breaking my docker set up LOL. Where can I be of assistance?

Thanks for the offer, I’m planning to take a few Udemy courses when things slow down. After that, I may have a few question. :wink:

BTW, you may want to search the topic I posted for Docker related setups as there are several post.

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