Startpage looks different than it should on windows compared to Android or iOS

Hey all,

Why I have the Icons in blue, when it in not active as onthe left side in the white icon?
On Android, it looks normal in native app and browser. But not my windows 10 Notebook with chrome, Edge and Firefox. What I’m doing wrong here?

Thanks fo the answers.

Have you set a highlight color for the item? Maybe that’s the different behavior.

You can also define a color depending on state, eg:

‘=(items.YourItem_.state === “OFF”) ? “blue” : “white”’

Thanks dirkdirk.
It’s not about the color. It’s About the status from the Icon.
It Shows me BLUE, when it is active, what It’s not true. The item is off.
Booth are off in real live in this moment.

So the indication about the status is wrong under Windows 10