Startup of sitemap causes knx command to be sent

In my sitemap configuration file I have a selection defined as:
Selection item=KNXScenes icon=“house” mappings=[0=“Welcome”,1=“Good bye”]

When I start the UI for the first time the system sends the Welcome command on the KNX bus even though there is no previous state or selection made for KNXScenes, why is this? Can I make OH2 not send anything just because the sitemap is loaded by any means (rules/config/sitemap)?

Which UI are you referring to? Or does that happen with ANY UI?

I must say the responses here are quite speedy :slight_smile:

Habdroid, guessing it’s claassicui since I haven’t updated anything in there since running 1.7

No, you were just overly lucky :smile:

Is this maybe your problem?

You are correct, did quick check but missed that one.

Is there any way to initialize or set a value for the knxscenes at startup, i tried having a sendcommand with a dummy value at system start in rules but it didn’t seem to help. I saw that they fiddled with autoupdate as well with mixed success so I’ll try that at least.

Would be a hassle to create a wrapper with rules just to avoid this…

I would suppose that a startup rule should do the trick to set your defaults.

Had a startup.rules file looking as follows to try to “fool” OH2:

rule “Startup”
System started
sendCommand(KNXScenes, 99)

Did not work, am I incorrect in my syntax or is there a different way of doing this? Can I set the parameter at startup?

My fallback will be to add 99=“Not set” as the first option which would probably work but make the UI less clean.

Looks ok to me. Do you see any errors in the log file when this rule is executed or nothing at all?