Startup Rule is triggered/fires multiple times not only on Start

I’e lost track now!! Your multiple System started triggers are now reduced?

Yes, both systems (OH2.3 and OH2.4.0~M4-1 (Milestone Build)) are running now in a good condition.
As said above, the most problems came from the persistence.
When i started with openHAB i only had “virtual” items and that was the beginning to persist the states to restore them at next system-start. But now many of my items are channel-linked (250-300 items). When i began to use rules, the problems came. Not all in once, step by step, or better said rule by rule :smiley:.
As i understand the rules were forced to fire within the startup, while the states were persisted. And that seems to cause the errors (or some). There are still problems in the system, for example with my Openweather-Key, or some other hieroglyphes :wink: which were caused by the ios-app, …a.s.o., and of course with the new Milestone.
So it was a good lesson to learn, and to clean up the setup and sweep away what is not needed.

Thank’s again

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