Startup time more than 30 minutes? (v2.4)

Hi there,

I switched my Openhab installation from 2.3 running on an Rpi 3 (raspbian) to the dockerized version of 2.4 running on RancherOS.

The first thing I noticed is that the startup takes more than 30 minutes, this cannot be normal?
I also noticed that my things did not get imported (backup/restore binary).
I’m copying over the JSONB backup file, hoping this works.

Does anyone else have such problems? I’m not sure if I should switch back.

It can be on a pi
Can’t help with the back up issue. Sorry

I can only speak for OH running on windows. For me backup never works. I use the szenario which is decribed as manually update. What is left after deleting all unneeded files for an update is what I backup.

I use an very old Win10 machine with an ATOM CPU 1.33 GHz. OH start within 3min.

Do you have a lot of primitives defined in your .rules files? This is known to greatly increase the load time of Rules on SPCs, though that was also a problem in 2.3 I think. I don’t know anything about RancherOS so I can’t comment on whether that would be causing problems.

Copying just the JSONDB file is not sufficient. That will capture your Things and PaperUI defined Items and Links, but nothing else.

You need more from the userdata folder and the /etc/openhab2 folder as well. openhab-cli backup will grab everything you need and put it into a nice zip file. You can then look at what it backed up and make sure you unzip them in the right spots for the container.

I will try again today.

Note: I actually did backup and restore, but my things are not there. That’s why I need to copy the file in addition.

I have the same issue also (more like 20 minutes for me). I have over 15k lines of code in my .rules file running OH 2.3.001 on a Synology in HA mode.

I do know I have to upgrade to OH 2.4; I’m waiting for a graceful upgrade script on the Synology build path.

Best, Jay

This is ridiculous - my rules files have no more than 50 lines but Openhab 2.4 is so incredibly slow that it’s completely unusable.

Loading things, items, inbox takes several minutes…