STAS3/STAK3 correct device for expansion?

hope, I am within the correct categorie.
I am new here, an ordinary person but I like to work on new things and I like to have options. I would like to start with openhab because it looks like that it will support sompfy. I am going to buy a marquee first with a general on/off switch but later on I would like to expand in a way that I also can stear the marquee for example via internet in cases if may be weather will change rapedly…you never now.

I ask the guy from whom I will buy what is necessary to expand later on and he send to me the attached picture. Therefore my first question if this is correct( I don`t expect him to lie but having evidences from others is not a disadvantage). Of course this will not be the only part but for mounting the first device is it necessary to disassemble the marquee or is the mounting “only” a plugin handling? No problem to take the marquee away from the wall for mounting the device but I have absolutly no idea how much effort it will take.


Hm, no answer yet. I tried to make some researches and giving myself an answer. Please correct if I wrong.
Would be helpful for me.

There exist RTS and io homecontrol for somfy.
RTS is an open protocol(correct definition?) supported by openhab incl. hardware-devices and io is not.
RTS is “only” one-way communication and io also gives feedback.

io software is comparable with openhab, but only supports those companies which are under there umbrella.

So, would mean, if i want to use openhab I should use the advised RTS receiver.

But as I understand if I later on would like to switch to io homecontrol i need another somfy motor, correct? But would be only interesting if io would become an open protocol?

Meanwhile I got some more informations. Looks like that neither for RTS receiver nor for io-homecontrol- receiver(attached below) different motors are necessary.

Are both receivers are supported by openhab?