State of Group:switch does not match


I’m using a HABPanel with a switch widget, whose configured item is a group:switch

Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF) LightLocationControlsOutside "Beleuchtungssteuerung außen" <Light> (LightLocationControls)
Switch entrance_light_outdoor_north "Licht Eingang/Außen/Nord" <Light> (Lights, LightControls, LightLocationControlsOutside, GroundFloor, Entrance) { channel="mqtt:topic:shelly_entrance_light_outdoor_north:power" }
Switch terrace_light_outdoor_south "Licht Terrasse/Süd" <Light> (Lights, LightControls, LightLocationControlsOutside, GroundFloor) { channel="mqtt:topic:shelly_terrace_light_outdoor_south:power" }

If I tap on the switch widget in the HABPanel, then the lights (members of the group) are switched, but the state of the switch widget is not updated - it remains in its old state. The log file says, that any further tap on the switch widget repeat the same, deprecated command. Example:

  • On first time: Switch successful from ON to OFF
  • Any further time: OFF … OFF … OFF, etc.

If I perform a page reload (F5), then the state of the switch widget is updated and correct (until the next tap on the switch).

Have I overlooked a required config?

You might be interested in this thread -

Thank you! And sorry, I’ve searched about that problem here, but did not find that topic.

I just tested the behavior on my OH 2.5.6 and the mentioned workaround solves that problem.