State-of-the-art: Home automation software!

(kurbimitrad) #1

Hey there!
I’m currently working on a paper for my studies. The aim is to show the state of the art regarding home automation software. This means I need to compare the different software solutions like OpenHAB, FHEM, IP Symcon or Homee. As I’m by far not an expert on this topic my aim with this post is to find experts and ask them if they have any sources or something else regarding to my topic. Of course I’m looking up databanks, forums and blogs but I can’t really find anything else except from the “Big 10” (which I’d call em’). So are there any experts out there who can help with my paper. I’ll happily take everything (data sheets, forums or personal blogs)!

Cheers for your help!

(CM6.5 H102) #2

As a suggestion, at the forum home page, Click Categories > Tutorials & Examples. You should find copious amounts of OH home automation solutions.:wink:

Best of Luck.

(David Graeff) #3

Nobody is going to write your paper, that’s your task :wink: openHAB describes itself and the architecture in the documentation as a start though