Stateless UP/DOWN button

I have a hood in my kitchen which I can control through an HTTP binding. I can’t get the state from the hood (low, medium, high, turbo) and thus I can only control it “relatively”.

I succeeded in displaying it in OpenHAB as follows:

However when I press UP or DOWN the button stays pink/stateful to UP or DOWN as follows:

Which is quite bizarre because I have set the autoupdate to false:

Switch 433_Dampkap_Intensity	"Dampkap intensiteit"	<pump>	{ http=">[ON:GET:] >[OFF:GET:]" , autoupdate="false"}
Frame label=Dampkap {
		Switch item=433_Dampkap_TogglePower mappings=[ON="ON/OFF"]
		Switch item=433_Dampkap_DownLights mappings=[ON="ON/OFF"]
		Switch item=433_Dampkap_Intensity mappings=[OFF="DOWN",ON="UP"]

What am I doing wrong?

There is a similar thing used with Sonoff/Tasmota firmware - for additional actions such as upgrading firmware.

This involves use of a Rule, which looks at the value assigned to a String item via a Switch in your Sitemap, then sets the value of the Item back to NULL (which removes the highlight from the button)

I hope this helps!