Status not showing in sitemap

I have setup several Tasmota flashed power plugs. I am reading them via MQTT which is working fine but 1 status is not showing up in the sitemap. Other appliances with the same (code) set-up are showing up.
Below the code that I am using for the washingmachine. You can see that it shows online in Visual Studio Code and in the Paper UI but not in the sitemap.

Any idea what can be the issue?

how did you setup the item in the sitemap? did you try this:

Default item=Reachable_ws="Reachable[%s]"

I am using the group command, see below.
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I am not sure if I can use this like you mention if I am using the group command.

then i think you have to change your items-file:

String Reachable_ws "Reachable[%s]" (Wasm...
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That did the trick. Still strange that it worked / is working without for some appliances.