Status of four String Items

Dear All,

I would like to have just one status of the four Nest items and if needed to check which item causes problems.

String WZ_Smoke “Rauch Status WZ [%s]” {nest="<[smoke_co_alarms(Living Room).smoke_alarm_state]"}
String WZ_Co “CO Status WZ [%s]” {nest="<[smoke_co_alarms(Living Room).co_alarm_state]"}
String WZ_Status “Status Color WZ [%s]” {nest="<[smoke_co_alarms(Living Room).ui_color_state]"}

String SZ_Smoke “Rauch Status SZ [%s]” {nest="<[smoke_co_alarms(Bedroom).smoke_alarm_state]"}
String SZ_Co “CO Status SZ [%s]” {nest="<[smoke_co_alarms(Bedroom).co_alarm_state]"}
String SZ_Status “Status SZ Color [%s]” {nest="<[smoke_co_alarms(Bedroom).ui_color_state]"}

I would appreciate any kind of help.
Thank you:

You will need to create a separate item to store the combined state and a rule to populate this new item when the others change.

Since it is a String you can put which one is different into the status.

Thank you very much Rich,
I have been looking for similar examples to combine the items into one row. Already saw many of them and hope to finally construct the proper solution.
Many thanks: