Status of the OH2 FritzBox bindings

The openHAB homepage lists 3 different FritzBox bindings: AVM FRITZ! Binding, Fritz!Box (OH1), Fritzbox TR064 (OH1).
This makes choosing the right binding quite hard, especially for new users.
When I interpret the documentation correctly:

  1. The AVM FRITZ! Binding is currently under development and will eventually replace the others.
  2. Until then, the 2 alternate OH1 bindings must be used for such things as “call monitoring” for example

In case that is correct,

  1. an example to use the OH1 bindings under OH2 would make it easier to get started (at least some links)
  2. The OH1 deprecation warning box on the top of the page is missing on both OH1 bindings to mark them clearly as deprecated.

The examples are in the bindings docs already.

They will only be deprecated when the OH2 bindings are up and running

From Wikipedia:
In several fields, deprecation is the discouragement of use of some terminology, feature, design, or practice, typically because it has been superseded or is no longer considered efficient or safe, without completely removing it or prohibiting its use.

In our case, the bindings have not been superseded yet

OK, let me rephrase it.
For me its getting clearer every day as I’m getting more and more familiar with OpenHAB2. But for new users it is hard to understand.
There are 3 Fritzbox bindings available, 2 of them are still OH1 and one is a new OH2 binding, which has less features right now. In order to understand which binding to use you need to dig through all of this and you need to understand that you can still run OH1 bindings with OH2. In some OH1 bindings you get the deprecation warning already!
The question might not be a “deprecation” warning, but a clarification which explains the current situation in a way for new users making it easier to understand.
I’m just telling what I was struggling with. I have no idea what would be a good solution, but I think that the current situation is harder to understand than necessary.

Not really, there are only 2. The AVM Fritz is not strictly a Frizt binding although it has some channels for the Firtz box itself it is a binding for the AVM automation system.

The other 2 Fritz bindings are OH1 and the only ones available at the moment therefore there is no need for documentation changes at the moment.

Unless Fritz box binding users disagree of course… Changes to the documentation can be made by clicking edit this page on gitHub at the bottom of each binding doc page.

So the “AVM Fritz!” will not supersede the others? OK, but which OH2 binding will then be used for call monitoring for example?

I was thinking about something like the text below. But because I neither know the history of the FRITZ!Box bindings nor the future roadmap, I do not feel comfortable with sending a pull request to the docs.

There are 3 openHAB FRITZ!Box bindings available right now.
    * (openHAB 1.x)
    * (openHAB 1.x)
    * (openHAB 2.x)

This is due to the fact that transitioning from OH1 to OH2 is still ongoing
and the functionality of the openHAB 1.x bindings is being consolidated into 
a new openHAB 2.x binding. The openHAB 2.x binding is not yet feature completed,
but will supersede the openHAB 1.x bindings in the future.

The openHAB 1.x bindings offer a similar feature set, but use a different
access mechanism to the FRITZ!Box. The "Fritz!Box" binding uses a telnet 
connection to access certain features of the box and 
"Fritzbox (using TR064 protocol)" uses the TR064 protocol via HTTP SOAP
requests on the ports 49000/49443.
Both features need to be activated on the FRITZ!Box first, before the access
works and actions can be triggered.

NOTE: There is no restriction in using OpenHAB 1.x bindings on an openHAB 2.x
server. Just follow the instructions on the binding pages to configure the

Try anyway, they get reviewed before being merged and you may get so good advice from the maintainers.

OK, here it comes: