Staying up to date with transformation maps for MiOS binding

I’m trying to set up the MiOS binding, and I’ve reached the segment where the instructions say to copy the transformation maps from the source code repository to my local OpenHAB configurations/transformations directory.

Is this something that I do one-by-one, manually? Or is there some way to grab them all at once? And once they’re copied over, do I need to periodically check for updates, or is there a way to stay in sync with the repo?

I know that GitHub is designed for keeping things in sync, but I also know that if I do things wrong, I might end up creating a messy branch situation. So I want to be sure I don’t do that!

Not sure if its the best way, but I just copied mine from my local git repo. There were a bunch so I just copied all at once. I haven’t updated since (3 weeks).

– Kevin

It looks like there’s no easy way to sync with a subfolder off of github. Since I’m not looking to clone the whole OpenHAB project just to grab the MiOS binding example files, I decided to forgo having a whole local repo, especially on my RPi.

I did a little more digging, though, and eventually found a guy who created a webpage that lets you download a .zip archive of any subfolder on github:

Easy access to grab the batch of files all at once: done! Of course, it won’t stay in sync with any changes, but it looks like there aren’t really any good options that do.

Generally, unless you’re grabbing a new version of the MiOS Item Generator, and using it to generate a new openHAB Items file, you don’t need fresh copies of the MAP files.

The mios*.map files don’t change very often, although I’ve made a bunch of improvements in 1.8 based upon the MiOS configs various end-users gave me.