Steckdose von Teckin

Hallo zusammen,

ich habe bei Amazon Steckdosen von Teckin gekauft. Über die App an Alexa funktioniert das alles wunderbar. Leider finde ich kein Binding von Teckin.
Auch die google Suche hilft mir nicht weiter.
Hab leider noch nicht allzu viel Ahnung von OpenHab.

Kann mir jemand weiterhelfen?

Danke und Gruß Marco

Welcome Marco,

this is an international forum, only English is spoken here. Feel free to contact the German OpenHAB forum if you are not very good at English.

They will surely help you there or just ask in English here in the forum.

take a look here

@HaKuNa I also read this, but there you can read:

“However, newer versions of the Teckin socket no longer work with Tuya-Convert. Therefore this is not recommended.”

So now it depends on the age (e.g. firmware version or Wifi module) of @marco93 s Teckin sockets.


Some important information you can find here:

"There are at least two Versions of the SP22 out.

An old one with a TYWE2S WiFi module and ESP… chip. This version is compatible with Tasmota.

A new one with a WR2 WiFi module and RTL8710BN chip. This one is not compatible with Tasmota."

I can help you. I do the same thing I am going to explain with my cololight lights.

  1. Add a rule in the Alexa App for EVERY Command you want to send
    • Socket 1 ON
    • Socket 1 OFF
    • Socket 2 ON

    • Trigger these rules with voice and add a keyword to the front. Something like “OpenHAB Socket 1 ON”. This ensures you wont accidentally trigger the rule with your voice.
  2. Use the Amazon Echo Control binding to run rules on your Alexa
String  AmazonEcho_Maze_RoutineStarten {channel="amazonechocontrol:echo:xxxxx:xxxxxx:startRoutine"}
  1. Build some rules. Here is an example of mine:
rule "Bettlampe an/aus (Umsetzung per Alexa)"


    Item Licht_Bettlampe received command


    if (receivedCommand == ON)


        logInfo("Rule triggered", "\"Licht.rules: Bettlampe an/aus (Umsetzung per Alexa)\": an")

        AmazonEcho_Maze_RoutineStarten.sendCommand("OpenHAB Schalte Bettlampe an")




        logInfo("Rule triggered", "\"Licht.rules: Bettlampe an/aus (Umsetzung per Alexa)\": aus")

        AmazonEcho_Maze_RoutineStarten.sendCommand("OpenHAB Schalte Bettlampe aus")


  1. Add a normal switch to your sitemap.

Now you can control your alexa compatible devices with openhab.

This has the disadvantage that all commands go through alexa and thus alexa has to be online all the time for this to work.

There is/should be a way since v2.5.6 to control devices directly and not have to set up rules. However I have not figured out on how to do this yet.


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