Steer GPIO pin remotely

I want to steer a GPIO pin which is connected with my Raspberry Pi. My OpenHab is running running in a different computer and I want to steer the pin (or turning a LED) from OpenHab.
In my OpenHab have a set up rules and the Switch item is receiving the command “ON”, but I am not able to bind it with the hardware as OpenHab is not running in Pi.
Any idea how to do this?
Though, I am able to do it by curl command in the URL.
like: or
In my items:
Switch DoorOpener_GF “Frontdoor [MAP(]” (GF_Entrance_Main) {gpio=“pin:6”}

Thanks in advance,

The GPIO binding will only work on a device that actually has the GPIO pins. You need to run something on the Pi to receive a message and toggle the pin for you. For example:

  • You can run a script that can send/receive messages some other way like MQTT
  • You can use the HTTP binding to to the HTTP command instead of curl
  • You can continue to use curl and use the exec binding to call curl
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Thanks Rich, yes I am working on HTTP binding to send the command.