Steinel IS 140-2 Z-Wave motion sensor shows up as "Unknown Device" in OpenHAB


I have bought a Steinel IS 140-2 Z-Wave motion sensor and included it in my Z-Wave network with OpenHAB 2.4 (stable release). In
PaperUI -> Configuration -> Things
it shows up to be online but as a “Unknown device”. There already exists an entry in the device database for this device type.

After inclusion a XML-file describing the node has been generated in the directory
but it looks to me to contain mostly default content. What can be done to make this device usable within OpenHAB? I already tried the standard inclusion / exclusion / factory reset circle several times. Is there a way to prepare a XML-file for this directory manually?

Here is the content of the XML-file:

  <associationGroups class="concurrent-hash-map"/>
  <endpoints class="concurrent-hash-map">
        <supportedCommandClasses class="concurrent-hash-map">

Thanks for Your help.

Have you woken up the device, so that it completes initialization? It may take a few wakeups. You could just wait, but it could take days… depends on the wakeup interval.


Thanks for your fast reply.

The Steinel IS 140-2 isn’t a battery device. It is permanently connected to power supply. After double checking the manual, I can confirm, that it doesn’t have a wakeup feature either. I already waited 30 hours, but of course I can wait a few more days.

Sorry… I didn’t look up the details of the device and assumed it was battery powered. There are several threads discussing Unknown Devices, but I haven’t read through all of them, so I may be missing something. But, I would try deleting the Thing and rediscovering. There’s no need to exclude/reinclude, but that may be the next step. Sometimes a restart of the binding or OH helps. Also, and this is a longshot, check to make sure you don’t have two bindings installed… in the console, run list -s |grep zwave.

I have a stubborn ZCOMBO smoke alarm that is stuck as Unknown, and I’ve sent debug logs in to @chris to see why the binding is not recognizing it. Your issue may be different though, since your device is mains powered. If fiddling doesn’t help, then a debug log is going to be needed.

I just noticed that the device was last updated in October. I dont’ know exactly what changed, but maybe there was something not working in 2.4. You may want to update to OH 2.5 M1, or just try a snapshot version of the binding.

I created a log by following this description. The Steinel IS 140-2 Z-Wave motion sensor is “NODE 18”.

Here is the log:
openhab.log (569.7 KB)

Please can you enable trace level logging. I can’t see anything wrong, although clearly something isn’t working correctly. Let’s see if the trace logging helps, otherwise I’ll possibly add more logging.