StellaZ Radiator valves. Log file does not show temperature readings

I have a number of StellaZ valves and I have been checking their performance by checking the temperature readings, valve percentage and battery level every two hours.

I have the zwave log set to debug but it only seems to show the battery information as below

2015-11-29 00:12:01.029 [DEBUG] [ApplicationCommandMessageClass:56 ]- NODE 7: Incoming command class BATTERY
2015-11-29 00:12:01.029 [DEBUG] [i.p.c.ZWaveBatteryCommandClass:81 ]- NODE 7: Received Battery Request
2015-11-29 00:12:01.030 [DEBUG] [i.p.c.ZWaveBatteryCommandClass:96 ]- NODE 7: Battery report value = 42

I can find no such entries for Temperature and Valve % although the values do show in the UI.

Is there a setting I am missing to show this in the log?


Are you sure you read the updated values in the UI?
I am having lots of problems with the wake up of the device.
Also - do you poll the values in your .items?

The value in the UI and in persistence change so I am assuming they are being captured unless Openhab creates the values. I find Openhab very difficult to learn so I was trying to learn how values pass to and from the devices by looking at the log.

I don’t have any problems with the wake up although I set this up with the software.

I have all three values set up in my items file if that is what you mean as I have never been sure what polling means in Openhab.

I asked in another post if the network queue is visible in Openhab so that I could see what values are in the queue for wake up devices but Chris confirmed it is not.

Further to my query can someone explain to me how openhab interacts with battery devices and how I can debug that process.

For instance I have set my StellaZ valves to wakeup every two hours because I want to get the temperature, valve % and battery level.

All these items are set up but they seem to update on an inconsistent basis.

Does openhab put a get for these values in the zwave queue?
If so how often?
Is the get logged anywhere?
I see updates in the event log should they all be there?
If the temperature does not update every two hours how can I see what is wrong?

Sorry for all the questions but I can’t find the answers in the documentation.


You have to poll the value every two hours (see Openhab-ZWave-Wiki-Page), otherwise it won’t work.
Then you will see a refresh, every time the device wakes up.

However, I personally found the wakeup of the StellaZ rather unreliable.
This means that it is possible that you may miss one or more wake-up slots and won’t get an update for some time.

Thanks I read the Wiki again and realised I had missed the reference to refresh interval as I was looking in the config file for a polling setting.

I agree the wakeup seems unreliable but at least now I know the device is being asked for the temperature! I have not seen any evidence that StellaZ send any data without the request.

Shame we can’t see the wake up queue to follow the process.