Step-by-step connect mqtt to some kind of output

I have Honewell sensors sending mqtt messages on my pi. I am new to openhab and can’t figure out how to create the hierarchy of groups, things, items to process the input. I have the embedded mqtt thing running and i can run mosquitto_sub and mosquitto_pub. I can’t figure out how to create the “stuff” in Openhab to process them. Is there a step-by-step guide for how to do this via GUI?

Having the embedded broker running doesn’t connect openHAB to the broker! You need the broker thing to connect to the broker, after that you can select this broker thing as the bridge for your generic mqtt thing.
That should bring them both to be online.
Next would be the item and the linking between the generic mqtt thing and the item.
Are you using the simple mode? That way the item and link would be created already automatically.

I did these steps

added MQTT binding

added embedded MQTT broker

added generic thing with bridge to embedded MQTT broker

added channel to generic thing type ‘text value’ with state topic ‘#’

where do I see the data from the MQTT broker? That is, how do I see the stuff being published to the MQTT? If I use mosquitto_sub at the command line I see the messages, but I don’t see where to find them in the openhab system.

Usually you would link an Item to your channel.

thanks, that worked.