Step by Step RGBW LED with open hab2

Hello, I have an LED-Stripe with osram oti dali 75.
So 4 channels R-G-B-WW over KNX.
At the Moment 4x Slider-Items,
How can i controll this with an colorpicker in openhab2. ?

i found some rules
like this:

rule "LEDColorChanging"
when Item LEDstripe changed
logInfo(“LED”, “Color changing”)

hsbValue = LEDstripe.state as HSBType
redValue   = String.format("%02X", ( * 2.55) as int)
greenValue = String.format("%02X", ( * 2.55) as int)
blueValue  = String.format("%02X", ( * 2.55) as int)

sendCommand(Text_Text, redValue + greenValue + blueValue)
logInfo("LED Color changed", "R" + redValue + "G" + greenValue + "B" + blueValue)


but i can`t adopt this.
Here I’m a beginner. What do i have to declare?

Sorry to bump an old post again, but this is the best and most recent thread on the topic.

I’ve been spliting hsbValue to RGB components with openHAB2 for a while, but now I’ve moved on to RGBW strips with openHAB V3.

Does anyone know if there has been any change with the hsbValue to now offer hsbValue.white.intValue ?


This rule works in OH3 (I need to tidy up the ON & OFF part using an else section, to accommodate commands from Alexa & Google etc)

		rule "Middle colour"
			Item MidRoomColourVR received command
		logInfo("Middle","Middle Colour  ="+receivedCommand.toString)

		if (receivedCommand.toString == "ON")	 {MidRoomColourVR.sendCommand("0,0,100")}
		if (receivedCommand.toString == "OFF")	 {MidRoomColourVR.sendCommand("0,0,0")}

		var HSBType hsbValue = receivedCommand as HSBType

		var int redValue =
		var int greenValue =
		var int blueValue =
		logInfo("Middle","Middle HSB Value ="+hsbValue+" RGB Values : Red ="+redValue+" : Green ="+greenValue+" : Blue ="+blueValue)