Step-by-Step to Upgrade openhab4

I trying to upgrade my 3.4 installation to openhab4 on a windows system I’m missing a step by step instruction. Finnaly I’m not able to start openhab

What I did:

> Downloaded jdk-19.02. as replacement for jdk-11.0.17 and copied it to C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-19.0.2
> Changed Environment variable JAVA_HOME to point to this directory
> Downloaded openhab4 an copied it to the existing openhab directory, replacing some files
> Then run .\runtime\bin\update.ps1, but without any responding message after using "[R run once" ???

Error when starting openhab: "Error inializing storage for equinox container"

Guess its a java compatibility problem. But how to solve it?

Sorry- - changed to jdk-17.0.8
Now much better. Only aproblem with starting the Pax Web server and a strange message “Ignoring file xxx.rules” as we do not have a parser for it"

That’s what requirements in the docs say.
No newer Java version is tested or supported.
It has to be Java 17, like it was Java 11 for openHAB 3.

The release notes says minimum required version is 17. We’ll see for how long that’s true. But you are right that it’s only tested with Java 17.

It was always only the LTS version, which is Java 17, that is supported. We had many issues in the past when users tried running openHAB at higher versions than the recommended.
Perhaps we should correct the docs here to remove the „minimum“….