Steps to build openHAB2 offline custom release

Hi everyone,
I don’t find following information: What are the steps for build a custom offline of openHAB2 ?

I already downloaded the project in eclipse:

  • openhab
  • openhab2-addons
  • openhab-core
  • openhab-distro
  • smarthome

I create a new simple binding (a simple random number generator) for study how openhab works, using the script “create skeleton”.
Then I compiled openHAB2 with mvn clean install and I obtained the “zip” file. After launch it, my binding was in the list of available bindings but when I click “install” nothing appears. If I see the error log it seems to search my binding in a online repo but I developed it locally.
I know, it’s possible to add only my new binding in “addons” but I want to have the possibility to build a complete customized openHAB2 release.

My question now is: What are the correct steps for create a complete custom “standalone” (offline) release of openHAB2 ? I also read that is possible to create directly a *.deb package, how can I do this ? What’s the correct order of compilation and with which commands ?

If someone can answer these questions with detail, I’m pretty sure that can be useful also for a lot of other members of this community.

Kind regards,
Jorge !

Hi @misterioso,

I have the same problem.

My solution is to take the openhab-distro and adapt it in order to build a karaf archive with my custom bindings which I put in the addons directory and it is working fine.



Has the problem been solved?