Still possible to install Milestone Builds?


After upgrade to the new stable 2.4 build, I currently see that my RPI 3 with openhabian is rapidly running out of memory and swap space. This is something I saw on milestone builds after M5 as well. I also get frequently “ERROR 503 - jersey is not ready yet” messages in paper ui and rest api. These “issues” were not precent at M5 build. Are there any chance to revert back to M5 now? Seems like the milsetone builds aren’t available anymore :confused:

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**        UPDATE / ROLL BACK        **
To rollback you’ll need to install the version specifically, find the latest using:

sudo apt-cache madison openhab2

Then the version, e.g:

sudo apt install openhab2=2.3.0~20180525031337-1
sudo apt install openhab2-addons=2.3.0~20180524170945-1
sudo apt install openhab2-addons-legacy=2.3.0~20180524170945-1
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Hi Vincent,

sudo apt-cache madison openhab2

  openhab2 |    2.4.0-1 | stable/main armhf Packages
  openhab2 |    2.3.0-1 | stable/main armhf Packages
  openhab2 |    2.2.0-1 | stable/main armhf Packages
  openhab2 |    2.1.0-1 | stable/main armhf Packages
  openhab2 |    2.0.0-1 | stable/main armhf Packages

But previously to the new stable build, I could run:

sudo apt-get -y install --reinstall openhab2=2.4.0~M5-2

Now it throws this log:

Leser pakkelister ... Ferdig
Skaper oversikt over avhengighetsforhold
Leser tilstandsinformasjon ... Ferdig
E: Versjon ▒2.4.0~M5-2▒ av ▒openhab2▒ ble ikke funnet

Not Found, in English :slight_smile: