Still valid description for OH1 IDE?

Hello together,

is there a suitable description of an IDE like Eclipse for OH1?
Or is the yet only supported way to use OH2 with the compatibility Layer for openHAB 1.x ?

Cheers, Guenther

I’m not sure I fully understand the question, but pretty much all of the OH 1.x add-ons have been updated so they can run on OH 2.x without the compatibility layer and can be installed through the usual OH 2.x means.

Thanks, Rich, for your answer.

As there are many people using OH1, I’d like to backport a binding to that platform.
Therefore, I’m looking for a smooth way to get in touch with an IDE for OH1.

OH 1 was developed using Eclipse as well. I don’t know if there are many devs who have an OH 1 dev environment any longer so you might be largely on your own.

I’ll also warn that OH 2.x is fundamentally different in a whole lot of ways. It might be easier to code it from scratch rather than try to backport an existing OH 2.x add-on. I know that to create a 2.x version of existing OH 1.x bindings it takes a near complete rewrite of the binding. I would expect the same to be the case for going the other direction.

I also can’t say for sure, but I suspect the maintainers may not accept the binding as an official one so you will need to distribute it yourself.

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