Stop charging + unlock cable with Tesla Binding Model 3

Hello there,
did someone try to stop the charging process and to unlock the charging cable using the Openhab Tesla Binding 2.5?
I am trying to substitute the port opener of Tesla’s wallbox. The vision is to stop the charging process and to unlock the cable when opening the garage …
So far I could not find the suitable channels.
Any ideas/hints from the community?

Hi, i have read the Tesla api, and this is the description by tesla:

Opens vehicle charge port. Also unlocks the charge port if it is locked.

So, i think this is able to do with the current implementation of the plugin. I did not have a look of the binding, but i would expect this behavior.


Thank you - yes, you are right : it works. My problem was, that weaking up my car in the garage does not work stable because of reduced GSM network connection …
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