storeStates and restoreStates - Map<Item,State> can't declare variable of this type in DSL

Having read:

I am still stuck with the following issue -

I have various scripts that I call using callScript() to return a Map<Item,State> which I then pass to the restoreStates(Map<Item,State>) action to set the state of the items.

The issue is that, as far as I can see, there is no way to declare a variable of type Map<Item,State> due to the fact that Item is a reserved word in the DSL.

As @rlkoshak suggested in one of the other threads, it is possible to declare a variable of type Map<GenericItem,State> however this is not acceptable to restoreStates() since it explicitly requires Item not GenericItem.

Using the callScript() command and returning a Map<Item,State> is possible but the callScript() command actually returns an Object so I need to cast it to a Map<Item,State> in order for it to be accepted by restoreStates(), which can’t be done.

It seems very awkward for the storeStates() and restoreStates() functions use Map<Item,State> rather than Map<GenericItem,State>. There may well be a reason why it has to be like this but any ideas as to how to solve my problem would be greatly appreciated.


You can cast it to Map<Object, State> which should work. If not I don’t know what to suggest.

Thanks @rlkoshak but it doesn’t work:
Using a variable of type Map<Object, State> as the argument for restoreStates() yields the type mismatch error below:
Type mismatch: cannot convert from Map<Object, State> to Map<Item, State>

I came up with the following ugly workround -

val Map<GenericItem, State> statesGeneric = callScript("myScriptName") as Map<GenericItem, State>
val states = storeStates()

This is both ugly and still causes a validation issue warning in the log:
Map is a raw type. References to generic type Map<K, V> should be parameterized

but I can’t see any other way to achieve this while restoreStates() relies on a type that cannot be defined in the DSL.

I did something similar and can not remember errors. Maybe warnings in VSCode but not when running. Maybe it helps.

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