Strange admin user/password behavior

I did a fresh install with Openhabian (OH3) on a Raspi. Nicely, I can now work directly via the GUI right into the scripting. That is, I have my admin user stored directly in the GUI (including password assignment):

But if I see it correctly I cannot provide the LogViewer from the GUI. Therefore I wanted to switch to the Raspi via SSH with user OPENHABIAN - and with the password assigned in the GUI.

… and … that did not work! Only when I used the default password I got into the system.

This confuses me - it can’t be that the same user with two passwords exists on the Raspi …

mmh, when I think about it …
probably I have to distinguish between

  • the Linux/operating system user (=OPENHABIAN)
  • the user of the “application” OPENHAB (also OPENHABIAN)

If I’m right, this article might help others who stumble across it :slight_smile:

btw: it would be great to acitivate the logviewer in den GUI (maybe in “System Services”)

Yes the GUI password is just for the application openHAB

openHABian is the scripts/menu you run on your linux system

You can see what is happening on the openHAB bus using the gui

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You are right.

Note that Frontail is the log viewer. It is not a part of openHAB and never has been. openHABian will install Frontail and it added some configuration to the old Dashboard to let you open it from there, but it’s never been a part of openHAB.

There is a way to add links to external apps like Frontail to the “other apps” menu (little box looking icon at the upper right of the overview page) and I thought that openHABian did that now. Perhaps I’m wrong. I can’t find the post that explains how to add things to the Other Apps menu right now. Perhaps this is enough for someone with more time to search for it.