Strange behaviour of the Camera Feed widget in combination with Motion

Good evening, everyone,

I’ve a little problem with the Camera Widget of HabPanel - maybe someone has an idea where to debug that.

I’ve got a Motion server running in my network and want to display the current static picture (http://${cameraIP}/current) in HabPanel. So not the stream, but really just a static image. Refreshed every X seconds to save Wifi bandwidth. Sounds simple, right?

Although I configured the path to the static image and a refresh of 10 seconds, the complete stream is displayed.
The first refresh of the image is indeed done after 10 seconds. After that the “stream” runs permanently. This can be seen very well at the timestamp in the picture. When I open this URL in a browser, I only get a static image.
According to developer tools from the browser, the URL is really reloaded every 10 seconds including cache buster parameters by HabPanel.

I also tested the “Image” widget with the same result.

What am I doing wrong? Has that something to do with Motion?