Strange error in log: Cannot find page for id '<...>'

Once in a while I get the following message in the openhab.log file:

2016-02-21 15:48:30.998 [WARN ] [o.u.i.items.ItemUIRegistryImpl] - Cannot find page for id 'astro'.

(I also get other similar messages with different text to replace the ‘<…>’.)

I am not sure, but I believe from the message that this relates to items or sitemaps.

I do not have any files (items, sitemaps, rules, or otherwise) that are named ‘astro’ (or anything that match the other messages I get). The really strange thing, however, is that I used to have files with names matching this (items and sitemaps) in my previous setup. Since then I have switched hardware (from RPi 2 to ODROID C1+), meaning that what I am running now is a completey new from-scratch installation on a different hardware!

The only thing that is sort of reused between my old setup and my new setup, is the connection to my.openhab. Could it be related to this?

Occam’s Razor would seem to indicate that. Are these items still listed in your my.openhab web page? If so you might try to delete them. I think I saw an announcement that you can now delete Items from the web page now.

Yeah, I was also thinking along those lines, but again the strange thing is that I have no items in my.openhab - and I never did! I have only ever used my.openhab for remote access and notifications - never any persistence.

On top of that, when I did my new setup, the first thing I did when I had installed the my.openhab bundle and connected my new openhab setup (new UUID and secret) to my.openhab was actually to go to my account and press “Delete Items and Events” to avoid any problems related to this.

So I am basically stuck. Obviously this is not a big problem, but as you know, event tiny anomalies may cause certain types of people up at night - and I guess I have just a bit of that gene in me, :slight_smile: or :frowning: depending on your viewpoint.