Strange icons on my dashboard

I have a single screen PC tablet that refuses to display my HABPanel correctly
I have a near identical tablet that displays the HABPanel correctly as do all my other devices.
All are running the latest Chrome and fully patched.
OpenHAB is version 2.4.0

Can anyone offer a suggestion as to how to resolve this

Have you tried cleaning the browser cache on the PC tablet with the issue or restarting OH?

Okay a restart of OpenHAB fixed it…
I so seldom have to reboot OpenHAB that I never gave that a thought.

Bizar - it is the very advice I would have given someone else had they asked me the same question.

A case of not being able to see the forest for the trees!

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I’ve been thru the same situation with my setup, more then once. :grinning: Glad it’s solved and please click the post providing the solution to mark topic as solved.


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