Strange items exposed

Occasionally (but not every time) when I open the configuration window for OpenHab cloud I see all these weird items. They were also automatically checked. As you can see, it also shows that I have over 700 items selected! When initially setting it up, I selected about 20. I don’t know where these 700 items came from. They are certainly not in my item files!

There was a bug which should now be fixed:

I updated yesterday to #644.The connection works, I don’t see any of those strange items when checking the myopenhab-website. However, when checking the config of my openhabCloud the display tells me that there are over a hundred items are selected. Opening this list does either show those multiple items or only my itmes, with the checkmark on my slected items. Those multiple items seem to be the characters that make up the name of my slected items.
To make it clear, it seems to be only a false display, on the website of myopenhab only my slected items are seen!

Ah good. Yeah, on the site only my selected items were displayed so I was hoping it wasn’t too big of an issue. Amazed by the quick work these guys do!