Strange things happen to ui

I’m running OH (actually 3.2) on a Raspberry Pi 1b for some years now.
A few weeks ago my zwave setup (mostly roller shutters controlled by zwave -usb-stick) started to stop working…bad, but now it gets worse:

A few days I thought the some other things/ items in my sidemap won’t. But after a refresh i saw that the ui openhabianpi:8080 e.g. 192.168…:8080 can’t be reached :scream:…and the same to the log viewer (:9001). The only possible access was by SSH/Putty.

And now “worse on highest level”: I’ve mounted a vanilla sd-card,new OH-download … and… UI still not available…more: I’ve managed to call the log viewer one time (no entries - i think cause of the vanilla installation)…But now I can’t even get there.

Any suggestions? Is it the dry, hot summer? (Could not really be…installation is in the basement…no more than 31°C.

Thanks in advance


ssh to the machine and look at the OH logs directly. Also look at the syslogs for errors

i’m not sure where to find these correct files - i’ve checked the folder /var/log/openhab … there’s no file there. The “syslog.l” looks inconspicuous … but I am also unsure what to look for.

Here’s all files and subfolders in the /var/log:

openhabian@openhabian:/var/log $ dir
alternatives.log auth.log bootstrap.log daemon.log debug dpkg.log fontconfig.log kern.log lastlog
apt auth.log.1 btmp daemon.log.1 debug.1 faillog journal kern.log.1 message

You don’t say this but it looks like you are running openHABian. That’s important info.

Run sudo systemctl start openhab followed by sudo systemctl status openhab. Post the result.

Ok, here’s the result:

:thinking: :exploding_head:

PS: i’ve checked /etc/default/openhab … So that I am sure that not the ports 8080 / 8443 were diverted

Something is preventing openHAB from starting. Check your folder permissions. Try to start it manually and see if you can get something useful as an error.

Check with
sudo journalctl
for more Info about the root cause