Strange z-wave map

Can anyone tell me how I could have this map (or how to fix it) on a system that is actually functioning?

Never change a running system …
The map does not show the real paths the tokens take.
For me it looks like you have added some devices without activate the nightly heal afterwards?

May map shows a very good mesh but a lot of unidirectional connections:

The grey devices are devices where I have removed batteries.
But my mesh works still without any delay.
Even my controller is not shown on the map.

Heal is set to 2am as default. No changes to system in a long time. I manage a number of systems but I’ve never seen one with two sections not connecting and a controller not connecting to anything.

That’s really strange.
Maybe you should wait for @chris, the developer of the z-wave binding.

Easier to read than My Spaghetti Heh,

Do you have any Z-wave repeaters? Either stand alone or part of a device that might not be known to the controller?

What actually doesn’t work in your system? Or are you just worried that the map looks wrong?

As @chris4789 said, the map doesn’t show the routes - it shows neighbours. Additionally, it only shows neighbours that are reported to the binding - this isn’t necessarily the same as what the controller knows, and to confuse things further, depending on the devices (eg if they are ZWave+) then this information may not be used at all.

In the “old days” the controller used this information to decide the routes - they were preprogrammed in each device by the controller. In more modern times, while this is still available, devices can actually manage their own routes using a different method than just asking for the list of neighbours…

So, what does that all mean…

Firstly, I agree tat this looks a bit strange, but as it’s not indicative of the network, it doesn’t necessarily mean the network is broken. It might just be that the binding isn’t getting the list of neighbours from some devices,

It may however also be indicative of poor signal strengths between devices. Without relating this neighbour map to physical locations, it’s impossible to draw such conclusions though as we can’t say what device should be able to communicate with others based on (sg) distance, or what walls are in between etc.

Thanks Chris, I guess this answers my questions. It sounds like this map has become only semi-relevant for indicating the health and/or operation of z-wave networks.