Struggling with Harmony Switch Configuration

So I’ve just started out using OpenHab and I have it say i’m really struggling with some of the syntax for getting things working… but slowly I’m making things work! :slight_smile:

However I’m having problems controlling my Harmony Hub when using the Alexa binding.
My items contains;

String Living_Room_Harmony_Activity “Harmony Current Activity [%s]” { harmonyhub="*[livingroom:currentActivity]" }

Switch item=Living_Room_Harmony_Activity mappings=[PowerOff=‘Off’, ‘Watch Fire TV’=‘On’]

Now I get two buttons (On/Off) in the web gui which work as expected, however when I use the Echo via the Alexa binding and say ‘turn off the living room tv’ it all reacts OK, but the TV stays on and the text for the harmony ‘current activity’ in the OpenHab web gui changes to ‘OFF’.
It should be ‘PowerOff’ or ‘Watch Fire TV’…

I’m guessing the issue is due to the fact I have two buttons so it’s not really a switch in the ‘toggle’ sense?
Is it possible to make some kind of mapping between the ‘OFF’ state of the switch (so it equals the ‘PowerOff’ button being active)?

Hope that made sense :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a known bug and hopefully will be fixed soon. At least I think it is…