Struggling with Simple Item Changed Rule

Just a simple rule

rule “Driveway Motion Notifier”


Item F_DriveFlag_OnOff changed from OFF to ON


pushsafer(“data here”)


What is the proper syntax when I have a host of omnilink flags. New Openhabian install and thanks for a wonderful tool. The above trigger this in the logs:

Configuration model ‘driveway_motion_notifier.rules’ is either empty or cannot be parsed correctly!

  • Validation issues found in configuration model ‘driveway_motion_notifier.rules’, using it anyway:
    The use of wildcard imports is deprecated.
    Loading model ‘driveway_motion_notifier.rules’


The validation issue is because you have an import statement at the top of the file you don’t need or if you do need it is improperly formatted. You should import only those classes you need and not use *.

I don’t think this will keep the rules file from being loaded.

Next, add some logging to the rule to see if the problem is that the rule isn’t firing or your pushsafer is not working.

Finally, even though it is not a long and complex rule, please use code fences.

code goes here

I have no idea what a host of omnilink flags means.