Submit new binding

Hi there,

I created new binding called jSupla and I want to merge it into OpenHAB main repo. Please say me what is the procedure to do this?

My code is hosted here

Branch was created from stable version of OpenHAB 2.3.0

First thing is to base your binding on top of 2.4 version. Next think is to read the docs about contributing.

When I checked it last time there was no stable 2.4. Should I check from snapshot?

No there is not. AFAIK stable versions might only receive critical bug fixes and development is done in the latest code. 2.4 snapshot that is.

The short answer is to just submit a pull request from within Github. Then it will be reviewed and once the review is done it will be merged.

Some guidelines for your code:

  • You need to rebase your code on the 2.4 snapshot.
  • You need to sign off your commits. You probably want to squash all your commits to make that easier.
  • Check the following page: it contains several tips that need to be addressed in your code (based on a quick view of your code). This page also contains tips about the tools you can run on your code and will give hints about things that need to be fixed.

Fix the issues before creating the pull request his will make it easier for reviewers. Because of limited resources it can take some time before the code it actually merged. So don’t be disappointed if it takes some time. Remember the better your code is the faster it can be merged.

Hilbrand has the best answer. I’ll only add that in the mean time, you can deploy your binding to the IoT Marketplace (Distributing bindings through the IoT Marketplace) which will make it easier for other users to download and test your binding which it is under review and awaiting merging with the baseline.

Thanks for your contributions!