Subtitles and semantic informations at MainUI

how can be controlled, which informations are shown at the list items in MainUI?

At the semantic overview the item name is always shown. On manual created cards its not shown. So i tried to set a subtitle to the itemnames, but then at the semantic view both is shown:

Manual created card:

component: oh-label-cell
  header: Luftfeuchtigkeit
  icon: f7:drop_fill
  item: Home_Humidity
  action: group
  actionGroupPopupItem: Home_Humidity
  trendItem: Home_Humidity

You need to create a default list widget for the item That’s what is shown in that widget. The card is when the item is shown in isolation and there is a third widget down in other places. be Depending on where you want to change the default you man need to configure all three.

Thanks for your reply, at first. I think my description was a bit unclear.
I set “Badezimmer” as Subtitle in the list item widget and it is shown correctly in every list.
Even at the property tab, the subtitle is shown, but in addition to that the itemname, too.

I don’t understand why the two lists are different and which settings i have to make so that the display of both lists is identical, because my changes at default list item widget take affect in both views.

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I chose to display the item name in the Properties card because I found that too often the item’s label will be e.g. “Temperature” but you won’t know what it corresponds to. When you’re in the context of an Equipment this becomes obvious.
That rendering will probably be controllable in the future. Or maybe the parent equipment name will be displayed instead of the item name.

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I totally agree with you. This is exactly my goal, which is why it would be good if exactly this function were also available in other places.
It would be ideal if one could choose in the metadata whether the superordinate location or the associated equipment is displayed as a subtitle.
If there is currently no way to make the views identical, this is good information. I will then probably set the location as a subtitle first.

Or is it possible, to items manually in group view of cards like at locations?

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