Sudden persitency problems

Im not sure if there is a coincidence with my latest upgrade to openHAB 2.5.9-1 (Release Build) on my raspberry but when i setup new items to use my persistence strategy of every change to be persisted in my influxDB the corresponding measurement is not setup and not updated in the influxDB.

What I already checked:

  • The influxDB log set to TRACE and I can see the “old” items to be updated correctly
  • The influxDB persistence strategy is the same as before (persist every change)
  • openhab Cache was emptied though openhab-cli clean-cache
  • openhab restarted several times
  • item deleted and added to items file to force some refresh
  • setup of a new item
  • checked with “show measurements” in influxDB > the newly defined items missing
  • when updating the item the influxDB persistence layer is not showing any log entries

Any help appreciated!

Update: Might it be the case that influxbb can not persist “Location” type items? If not is there any workaround known? Any other type suggested?

are all your new items location types? try making a different type of item to test