Suddenly can't access LogViewer anymore


I cannot access the Logviewer on http://openhabianpi:9001 anymore.

this is the error I get:


any ideas what the issue may be?

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Sorry, no idea why, but try to reboot (or reinstall with openhabian-config)
If this error occurs again, you may look into system logs.

reinstalled but still doesn’t work:frowning:
where can I find the system logS?

btw: log:tail in karaf works

My LogViewer was unreachable too!
Maybe it’s from the openHAB 2.5.0~M1-1 (Milestone Build) Update!?

But now, for me it works already.
Open a terminal on the openhab machine and install the LogViewer again with:

sudo openhabian-config
20 | Optional Components Choose from a set of optional software components ►
21 | Log Viewer openHAB Log Viewer webapp (frontail)

Now the LogViewer is reachable again.
Hope it helps…