Suddenly no internet


Out of nothing my RPI stopped working.
I can’t access my rpi and I tried to pull the power plug but it didn’t help.
The bulb (green and yellow) don’t light up.
Tried to change the cable and also move it to another port on my switch.

Do you think it’s the LAN port or software related?

I guess you are using your Pi headless? Please, as a first test, use HDMI and at least a USB Keyboard directly at the Pi.
A very common problem is power failure - maybe the power source is working, but can’t provide enough power (anymore).
Another common problem is wear out of SD-Card storage, which may sometimes result in a non-booting system.

I do agree with the power supply.
But the storage, how can it make the LAN bulb stop lightning?

Maybe by preventing GNU/Linux to boot at all?

“Kernel panic” and “unable to mount root” look important.

I thought so, but what to do?

Do I have to start all over or can it be fixed in some way?