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It would be a good thing to have a widget that ask a new user what they are using, Raspberry 3B/4B, Image, Linux, Windows, Hub, USB Stick Brand, Z-Wave Controller, WiFi and anything else needed. Then have the widget generate the instructions for that configuration along with a basic setup for OpenHAB… I know a step by step of how to setup the Raspberry ports and WiFi, config.txt, as well as openhabian.conf and having a pre-built openhab structure for a controller and one sensor would cut the learning curve down.

That list would be an ever growing one, the possibilities for devices connectable to openHAB are growing faster then one could write such a list.

You don’t have to manually do that, openHABian does it for you unless you have specific requirements.

see the demo setup

Markus, I just setup a new SD and had to add everything to get the image to use WiFi and then use openhab-config to setup the serial ports for the RAZberry2 card, while all the information was ‘around’ I had to dig for awhile. I’ll look at the demo but I’m talking about an environment based in the selected items in a drop down, and Opus, but just one controller/hub and one sensor, for Zwave the list of supported sensors in already in openhab, I don’t know about the other protocols.

From your perspective it sounds easy. You did ask for a widget that would take the user settings/equipment and create instructions Base in these inputs.
Since these inputs could be ranging from a single service and binding (which?) to an uncountable number the possibilities are numerous.
The effort to keep up the documentation for the bindings etc are barely copeable for the team of volunteers.
The closest to your suggestion/request is IMHO the openhabian image.

I was thinking more of a users provided tool, a database with several look up tables of controllers and sensors with protocols and the main table with: Title - Controller Name + Sensor Name created when the entry was created, Install instructions, creation date, created by, count
Again, this is a two ‘Things’ tool not something designed to produce documentation to install an entire homes sensor network, just something to get a newbe pointed in the right direction as quickly as possible while minimizing the about of RTM leg-work.
Is there a PHP + SQL server at

No and there will be none.
As Jürgen and Thomas already tried to explain, the number of possible combinations is to high to achieve what you are after.
There is no way to avoid reading the docs, as you need to understand the concept.
Checking the demo server is a good adition.

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… at the expense of our time? That’s not ok and depreciated behavior. Go read the docs please.

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