Suggestion about replacing a zwave device

Hi folks,

one of my Danfoss LC-13 has problems … I don’t receive any error code (E1 … E5), but starting from yesterday night the valve has network issues in reaching the controller. I’ve tried to reset multiple times the valve, also excluding and including again in the controller. Nothing. When I start the valve, it’s flashing with the network link symbol enabled, then network link + alarm symbols, the I see the setpoint in C + both icons flashing. Nothing …

I decided to replace the device. What is the best procedure to follow?

  • exclude the current valve from the controller
  • add the new device and include

then I expect the new device will have a new node number … better to don’t reuse the previous number right?

Please let me know what is the best procedure


You can’t reuse a node using the binding, but you can replace a failed node using Zensys Tools, which keeps the node number. IMO, it’s not worth the effort, so just exclude it (sounds like you already did), delete the Thing, and include the new one. If the old device died, the exclusion may not have removed it from the controller, so you may need to use ‘Remove device from controller’ (in Habmin under Tools> Advanced).

What is strange is: yesterday night during my troubleshooting I’ve removed it from the controller, I mean I have an Aeotec Stick Gen5 and after amber blinking I’ve pushed the M button in my Danfoss and magically the Stick stopped blinking and for 2 seconds I see a solid blue, means the removal I’ve been completed successfully. Means also, there is a communication between Danfoss and Stick … BUT in any other case I see no connection, and also in my TRACE logs I don’t see any communication between node 9 (this device) and the controller.

Bah … maybe better to replace … but … not understanding what the problem is …