Suggestion for a Status Signal - LED preferred

I am looking for a way to signal a status at the front door.
A display via PI Zero or similar is too difficult for me.

Is there perhaps a battery-powered LED with ZWave or Zigbee (via HUE) that can show me green or red (alternatively on or off)?
I would like this to indicate if windows are still open or devices are still on.
With a little more effort it would be me also possible to put there cable or power.

Important to me is a small, simple solution.
Has anyone already implemented such a thing?
Does anyone have suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

I’m planning to do something similar and want to add a colored lightbulb into the ceiling lamp close to the front door.

By this you would not need an additional device

Nice idea. thanks a lot.

but not practical in my case, because I do not have a ceiling lamp there, but have in the ceiling installed spotlights that can not be replaced.