Suggestions: Affordable sockets wiht energy measurement

I am looking for an affordable sockets with energy metrics.

I am running OH3, besides KNX I have z-wave and mqtt. On Amazon I can find a bunch of different WLAN sockets. But no information about OH compatibility.
What I don’t want is some kind of always-online cloud sollution.

anyone successfully and reliably connected WLAN sockets to openhab?

Any product suggestions are greatly appreciated.
I am located in germany, if that matters.

If the sockets work with the Smart Life or Tuya Smart app, then they can probably be used with the SmarthomeJ Tuya binding. However, energy monitoring requires the Tuya cloud. So you can control the switches locally, but if you cut off Internet access they won’t report energy values to OH. We don’t know why this is the case, but it seems that any sensor-type readings are reported through the cloud.

You may be able to find TP-Link Kasa or Tapo energy-monitoring sockets. I like Kasas, but I don’t have any experience with those particular devices.

Assuming you’re happy with smart switches, maybe Shelly will work for you

Can be locally controlled with the stock Shelly firmware, or can be reflashed with Tasmota (over the air, no wires required) if desired.

I use these, reflashed with Tasmota and via the MQTT Binding, to monitor energy consumption of a washing machine and a dishwasher to (amongst other things) detect when these are active/inactive.

If you really mean ‘socket’, then this won’t be what you want…

It looks like the Shelly Plugs all have energy monitoring as well. I didn’t even know these existed, since I can’t get them in Canada.

If plugs are within scope, then I use a number of these

Preflashed with Tasmota, these are 100% local (except for the NTP time signal, though this can be redirected to a local server too if you have one!)

Smart Plug is fine. Would any Tasmota Plug work or just that particular one?
I found theese on Amazon:

I need 12 seperated sockets or plugs in a very small space. (It is for a fish tank surveilance) My idea is to get two 6-way power stips and add plugs to all 12 sockets.

I use zigbee based sockets including energy monitoring. Price is about 10€ on AliExpress or similar. Not sure about zwave, but I would prefer zwave/ZigBee devices over wifi, due to their own energy consumption & mesh functionality

I’ve had good results with a TP-Link HS110, but since it got discontinued, I recently purchased some Tapo P115, which are quite small, and a Tapo Power Strip P300. The later will be supported by OH 4.0.

Those should be fine. You just have to make sure that whatever you buy can monitor energy and reports it on MQTT.

I received the Nous from amazon a couple of days ago, and so far, they work great. Adding them to my mqtt server and setting them up in openhab was no problem at all.

Thank you all for your input.

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