Suggestions for 3-way dual switch

Hi all,
I am mostly done swapping out the switches in my house for z-wave switches (Inovelli forming the vast majority, purchased in bulk).
I have a few problematic switches I’m still puzzling over.
I have two mini switches in a single light box, which has the neutral/line coming into it (this in a narrow pole, the remnant of a wall taken out in a renovation).
There is then a second set of switches with no line/neutral, this time with both in their own box. I would like to keep both sets of switch locations.

I’ve looked somewhat broadly, and can’t seem to find a 3-way compatible smart switch with two switches in one box. While it would be easy to use a z-wave device (should one exist), I’m open to wifi as well. So far I’ve found a few non-3-way dual switches, and several fan/dimmer combos, but no two on/off switches that can do a 3-way configuration.

Any suggestions?

I have something similar to this currently:

I don’t think you’ll find any double-relay switch that works in a three-way configuration. That’s a very unique application. However, @Bruce_Osborne recently shared with me that Zooz is working on a rocker-style remote that can be mounted in a wall plate. So, you could use that or another wall-mountable remote in the spot that doesn’t have a neutral wire to have your three-way control.

The only 1-gang dual switch that I’m aware of is the Zooz ZEN30, which combines a dimmer and a relay. Alternatively, you could try to squeeze a Fibaro Double Switch 2 or a Qubino Double-relay Switch into the box.

I must state the Zooz offerings mentioned my @rpwong are for US and Canada only. The upcoming switch is mentioned here. I believe there is already OH support for it.

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Right, I should have mentioned that. I’m guessing that @bdm is in Canada, since the original link was for Amazon Canada.

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Thanks Russ & Bruce.
Yes, I am in Canada.
The ZEN30 does look promising, as it looks like I’ll need to set up other dumy remote switches at the other site.
My non-electrician brain is grinding along trying to sort out if the quibino double relay switch could use the existing dummy toggle switches in a 3-way configuration - although I’m almost certain there isn’t enough room for the quibno, the 3-way wiring, and the 2-gang switch all in the single box. I really don’t want to rip open the pillar to make more room (and better run the wires), but it is SOO tempting at times.

Yeah, I hear you.

FYI, I’ve had a ZEN30 installed for a couple of months. The Z-Wave side is really good, but I wish the hardware was better. The dimmer paddle requires a little more force than I subconsciously think is necessary, so there are a lot of times when I have to press it a second time. The relay button is reeeally small. It could have been twice the size and there’d still be lots of room for the paddle.

I still recommend it if you need a dual switch, but there’s room for improvement.

Call Zooz support. You may have a defective switch. They also appreciate feedback like this and include ideas in their newer software and hardware.

The first toggle switch I got died mechanically in less than a day. Apparently it had a software issue too. The tested replacement has been working perfectly for over a year.

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