Sum of values from rrd4dj to influxdb

Newbie here! I have a number of doors and windows configured as CONTACT items. The state is being stored nicely in influxdb and rrd4j while I figure which one to keep. I am looking to display a number (count) showing how many contacts are in OPEN state. Hunted around but nothing obvious. Any advice please?

I think a Group:Number:SUM can solve this request. Have you tried it?
You need to put your contact items in a group like this:

Group:Number:SUM gContacts
Contact myContact1 (gContacts)
Contact myContact2 (gContacts)
// and so on

I did not try it for a long time, but it used to work!

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That should work.

@amm009uk, you will put the Group on your sitemap as a Text element.

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Thanks Gents works like a charm. Documented if I looked harder!

// items file
Group:Number:SUM gSecurity "No of open doors and windows [%d]"
Contact contact1
Contact contact2

// sitemap file
Text item=gSecurity icon=“house”