Support barrier free smart home

(Thomas Schwarz) #1

Hi all,

some might know me. I am engaged in several topics around openHAB 2. Blogging, video trainings, YouTube etc.

One further thing I do in my spare time is developing individual solutions for people whose life is getting easier with smart home tech. We founded a non profit organization (MyFreeLive e.V.) in the last year. And because we are only two tech people involved we are at our limits. There are more applications we can handle at the moment. This is leading to big delay in our projects and I am getting really frustrated. :frowning:

To get an idea what we are doing, here is a short (german) video.

So I have a simple question. Is there anyone interested to support our project

What do we need? People that

  • are able to set up openHAB2 and configure important settings via ssh
  • are ideally familiar with integrating Z-Wave
  • are able to make an interview with our applicants (to find out which requirements exist)
  • speak German, because our applicants are speaking German most of the time
  • live in Germany, because shipping to other countries might lead to high costs

If you are one of those, it would be great to send me a personal message to get in contact and talk about the details.

Thanks and see you