Support for Bitmain Antminer

An ASIC cryptocurrency miner generates a lot of heat and can be used to heat your house. The Antminers from Bitmain can be monitored and controlled via a web interface and remote commands via cgminer.

Who is interested or can help creating support from OpenHAB for these miners?

Wait a second…
Will this binding will be sensor data about the miner and a heat controller.
I know a little about mining, I used to mine ETH and I always wanted by GPU to stay as cool as possible.

But if you don’t want to heat, like in summer, you have to stop/decrease mining which will decrease revenue.

Is this really useful?

That is effectively the same as paying to run an air conditioning cooler. People do pay for personal comfort.

I had to think about your statement :smiley:
Turning of the mining to decrease room/house temperature (lose money) as equivalent to paying extra for air conditioning.
Got mindf*cked there for a second.

In winter time, you can use a miner to heat your house. The goal is to read settings and sensors and control what can be controlled (and that is not so much). Switching it on and off might best be done via a smart plug, based on information gathered from the sensors.

My setup is:
10KW PV panels, Fronius Symo 10KW, openhab2

I have my solutiont thats uses PV curren generation and bases on that turn ON/OFF 3 antminers S9i.
It also can change mining mode from ECO 10GH to Hi 16GH when PV is high.
For reporting I gather from antminers current BTC mining speed and calculates j/TH in realtime.

It’s a simple sets of rules.

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