Support for DS2438 (1-wire), kernel driver missing


I’m currently using OpenHABian 1.4.1 (running OpenHAb 2.3.0) on a Raspberry Pi Model B Rev 2.
The current kernel is 4.9.35+.
Today I tried to upgrade my system, but seems to be on the newest version already.

I’m trying to access a DS2438 chip via 1-wire. I’m already using a DS18B20 (temperature sensors) without problems. The DS2438 is supported by newer linux kernels.

Now by questions:

  1. Is there a newer kernel available?
  2. Is it possible to install a newer kernel with OpenHabian?
  3. I there a (supported/recommended) way to install a additional kernel module?
  4. If OpenHABian stick with the current kernel version, will the driver be backported to the currently used kernel?
    It’s a small but useful driver and it should be easy to do so:


PS: Sorry, if this is the wrong group, but I didn’t found a better one…

openHABian is just a bunch of scripts to set up and configure Raspbian Jessy. So the answers to all your questions are more likely to be found on an RPi forum than an OH forum.

You can start here: . Take heed of the warning:

Note that the latest kernel from rpi-update is not guaranteed to work correctly!

Thanks for the answer.

The Raspbian Jessy has a stable branch with the 4.9.x kernel that openHABian is using. Is this the same branch openHABian is based on?
If so, why are we currently using 4.9.35 while the latest Raspbian is 4.9.80?

What is the recommended way to only upgrade the kernel (in the 4.9.x branch)? Should I use rpi-update for this or will this upgrade to the newest available 4.x kernel (currently 4.18.x)?

I know that openHABian is based on Raspbian Jessy but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is an older version of Jessy.

The answer to the rest of your questions will be on an RPi forum.

I looked at the RPi forum and the answer would be to install the newer version
of the kernel.
A rpi-update 5c80565c5c0c7f820258c792a98b56f22db2dd03 should do the job, but the problem is: “rpi-update” is missing.
So? What to do?

Does the next version (1.5?) use the newer kernel?

Any other ideas?
Did really nobody upgrade the kernel?


sudo apt-get install rpi-update

Probably not. Most people stick with stock. There is enough that can go wrong already to be playing around with alpha and beta level kernels and drivers.


I upgraded the kernel to 4.9.80+ and the DS2438 driver works without problems.

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