Support for ihomma led

i buy on amazon ihomma wifi led downlight but there is no support for this.
Someone can help me

It looks like the light is controlled with a sonoff!!!


Open that box and flash the tasmotta firmware on it:

i don’t know if it is a sonoff
someone can help me?

No, that’s just a power supply unfortunately.
The Wifi control must be inside the light itself.
Anyway to open that?

Hi, i have the same request. I opened the light.!

This is indeed an ESP module
You should be able to flash Tasmota on it

Unfortunately your particular device is not named in:
But search the repository because you may find a device very similar to yours sold under a different name
If you have no luck, you can follow this guide:

I recommend following this guide:

I bought a LED bulb which uses iHomma app.

Inside of the bulb is the ESP-12S module.

I soldered wires directly to the module and flashed it via serial-to-USB adapter.

Tasmota template


only to be sure: your

is an RGB Led bulb ?

Yes, it is RGB + Cold White + Warm White. I bought it at, but it’s not available now.

I prefer LED bulbs with Tuya because there is a chance that they can be flashed with the tuya-convert.