Support of webaudio

Does the app already support webaudio sink? I can‘t test it myself as I do not (yet) have an android device.
Many thanks

what exactly do you mean with webaudio sink?

Many thanks for getting back.
I mean this:

If the app supported webaudio sink I will be able to stream an mp3 file to the app and the audio file will be played back by the app.

In DSL rules the command for this is:

playSound("webaudio", "doorbell.mp3", new PercentType(100))
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I wasn’t aware of this feature and the app doesn’t implement this natively. However HABPanel and the new Main UI are shown in an Android WebView (like a browser), so an audio sink may be available when using them.

currently habpanel only is capable of receiving and playing back audio streams.
MainUI is not.
Unfortunately neither the new iOS app nor android app is supporting webaudio, too.